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IoT: from technology to revenue model

By Bruno Mommens (Delaware Consulting)

Three flavors of IoT network technology

By Bruno Mommens (Delaware Consulting)

Internet of Things: how big is the next big thing?

By Bruno Mommens (Delaware Consulting)

Connected Conference Paris

Pan-european event dedicated to the rise of the internet-enabled hardware economy

Vacature @ Howest

Praktijkgerichte Onderzoeker Internet of Things & Analytics

First Meetup of the West Flemish IoTBE hub

Open Hardware Ecosystem

Disruptive Innovation with Open (Source) Hardware

Not really that different to open source software, or is it?

A disruptive 2015!

Best IoT wishes for 2015

The HyperCat Specification

A new hope for IoT standardization

Is it really IoT?

There is more to it than connected devices...