Open Innovation

Collaboration & Crowdsourcing

Validate your Idea

You have a great idea, the next Google? But not too sure yet?

No problem. The IoT Community can help you validate your idea and deepen it out, providing you new insights in the product(s) or service(s) you would like to develop.

Optimize your R&D budget

Now you have your great idea & a rock-solid business plan. 

But how to develop it?

IoT is a field in constant motion. No easy to find all the people with the required skills. 

No problem. The IoT Community can help you chose the right technology and/or architecture.

Implementation help needed?

IoTBE can help you find the right resources to help you with the realisation of your idea.

Together with IoTBE you will setup the terms & conditions of the collaboration with the IoTBE community. Of course, special attention will be given to the protection of your idea and the transfer of intellectual property.

Interested in our offering?

Contact us to discuss the details & possibilities of an IoTBE collaboration.