IoT Innovation Center

Speed up your innovation

Keeping track.

Although IoT is still young and constantly in flux, one thing is sure. IoT will have a disruptive impact on all sectors;  redefining processes, changing traditional business models & creating new products & services.

How will this revolution impact my company?
How can I ride on this wave of innovation?
Who can help me in realising my innovative ideas?
What solutions already exist?
What does the competition do?
If you have these or related questions, you are not alone. The IoT ecosystem is still quiet fragmented. Everyday new technologies & solutions pop up and tech companies are still experimenting on how to approach the IoT market potential.
With the IoT Innovation Center or IoTIC, IoTBE helps companies in the industry and service sector and the government to tackle the challenges and opportunities arising from this new world.

IoTIC services

Strategic advice

Strategic impact analysis.
Sector analysis & positioning.
Transitioning & rollout.
Ecosystem design.

Technology advice

R&D kickstart through crowd sourcing.
Proof-of-Concept implementation.
Technology analysis & evaluation.
Architectural advice.

Partner & solution selection

Evaluation of available solutions.
Bring you in contact with the right high-tech and R&D partners.
Open Innovation Management.

All actions taken will be executed under NDA signed by IoTBE vzw and other participants in the process. 

Of course, you decide who participates in what steps of the process. 


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