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Sirris is the Technological Federal Research Center which helps Belgium companies to develop, to test and effectively to implement technological innovations. Thanks to our experts, we support and grow innovation in SME’s, start-up’s and big corporation. We help you to make the right technological choices and rapidly to turn your innovations into marketable products and services.

Key Capabilities

In the specific Internet of Things applications, SIRRIS can help you to develop your product on the hardware and software side.

We will help you to develop your concept and feasibility study. We will analyze your project on the patent side and risks. We will mature the idea to reach a level of state allowing the construction of first prototypes and proof of concepts until the industrialization.

We will assist you also to the construction of the investment file with public authorities.


- Miniaturization in product development
- Machining, replication of small parts
- Micro-texturing
- Micro-printing
- Embedded micro-systems:sensors, light sources
- Product development
- Surface engineering
- Printed electronics
- Micro-mechanics
- Micro-fluidics
- Micro-optics
- Packaging
- Traceability
- Sensing


- Big data
- Agile development
- Cloud computing
- SaaS and IaaS
- Data innovation

Contact information

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