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IBM Belgium

As a global electronics company, IBM understands the issues facing the high-tech industry and the continuous transformation required to thrive. Across the industry, companies are turning their attention from business equipment to a new generation of connected devices that will transform not just the electronics industry, but many others.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), physical assets are turning into participants in real-time global digital markets. The countless types of assets around us will become as easily indexed, searched and traded as any online commodity. The IoT is no longer just about instrumenting devices, it is about using insights from devices. While some industries will be tougher to transform than others, those with physical limitations, such as manufacturing will be harder to digitize, untold economic opportunities exist for growth and advancement.

The IBM practice uniquely combines IBM and partner services, hardware, software and research into integrated solutions that can help you deliver innovation, create differentiated customer experiences and optimize your global operations. 

  • What is your plan to manage products with IoT instrumentation and real-time insights?
  • How will your IoT devices generate new value through improved asset utilization, risk management and efficiency?
  • In what ways can your organization analyze IoT data and act on the resulting insights to monetize physical assets before the rest of the industry catches up?
  • How will you define your role(s) in new marketplaces that emerge in the new Economy of Things?

Contact person: William Jenkins, IBM Business Development Specialist