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Hardware has entered the Open Source realm. Development boards have been become widely available at very cheap prices. Designs are made public. Development environments have been made developer friendly & code is being shared.

But is this move only interesting for hobbyist that want to enhance their own home or can Open Source hardware really help in the creation of IoT solutions?

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19:15 - 19:45

Building Automation Systems with OSH

By Wilbert Ingels (OpenMotics)

Today, almost all home and building automation products are fully closed in terms of sharing hardware & firmware source information. In some occasional circumstances, information is shared around the way to communicate with the closed source devices. Openmotics takes the complete opposite approach by opening up all aspects of home and building automation: Schematics, PCB files, Bill of material, firmware source code, software source code and the different protocols used are fully open sourced.

In this presentation, Openmotics will give you an overview of the hardware design used to build a complete & professional building automation system.

Wilbert Ingels (46) is an experienced professional in managing hardware & software companies. Wilbert is highly passionate about home automation, electronics and energy management. Wilbert has 4 granted patents regarding energy management designs on his name.

19:50 - 20:35

IoT + IPD = IoUT 

By Rudy Van Raemdonck (Verhaert)

How can Integrated Product Development help you in building the Internet of Useful Things

Already during his youth, Rudy developed a keen interest in Embedded Systems, so a masters degree in Electronics was only a logical consequence. During the first decade of his professional career, he was active as an automation engineer. He joined Verhaert in 1999 where he occupied several positions as electronic system engineer, project manager and head of the electronics department for both space and industrial projects. He is currently project coordinator, supervising a cluster of projects that mainly focus on healthcare and medical devices (active implants and surgical tools). In his free time he enjoys travelling, walking, cinema, symphonic music (both live and CD) and model railroading (scale 1:32).

20:40 - 21:10

The Belgian IoT micro-technologies landscape

By Olivier Gramaccia (Sirris)

The Internet of Things is the result of the slow construction of an ecosystem.

The creation of this environment has been speed-up, in the last ten years, by the emergence of micro-technologies, nanoparticles, MEMS, micro-injection and microelectronic.

Historically, Belgium is not recognized as a leader in micro technologies, meanwhile this could change soon with the emergence of new competencies, R&D centers and start-up active in this field.

The speech will give a quick and short description of  the micro-technologies landscape in Belgium linked to the Internet of Things. 

Olivier Gramaccia  is a Business Development Consultant  for “Smart & Small” within Sirris

Since 2012, Olivier works as a Business Development Consultant for Sirris, supporting SME’s and international companies in their development of smart products integrating M2M, smart materials, smart coatings, micro manufacturing, RFID and IPv6. He also leads several European research projects involving smart devices. Olivier's main specialization is Strategic Intelligence in Smart Systems.

Olivier obtained a Master in Nuclear Engineering and a MBA at Hult International Business School from Boston. He has more than 20 years of commercial experience with high tech products on an international level. From power electronics to data acquisitions systems in telecom or aeronautics & aerospace, Olivier managed different OEM projects from specifications to deliveries.

21:15 - 21:45

Using OSH in production?

Moderated By Tom de Ryck (Creotronics)

Open hardware can be an accelerator to get your idea in to the real world. But is using open hardware a good idea to get a reliable product? Are there any pitfalls?

Although not backed by loads of experience in using open hardware, Tom will share his view on this during this open discussion. It's not a one-man show. Everyone is invited (or better encouraged) to give his view. You can even disagree with the speaker. The intention of this open discussion is for everyone to get a better view on possible pitfalls when using open hardware and to share our knowledge and experience.

Tom De Ryck has more than 10 years experience in chip design. During his career Tom has developed several hardware platforms to test chips as well as written several datasheets containing all the technical details. Based on this knowledge Tom has his view on how these platform are developed and tested and how to interpret datasheets (how to catch the pitfalls).


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