Introducing bluetooth low energy / iBeacon

12/03/2015 19:00 to 12/03/2015 23:00

The Labs
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Now that all the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) offer support for Bluetooth Low Energy, it would be nice to see what added value it offers.

First we will dive into the hardware essentials.

Afterwards the theory, practical examples & sample Android code.

PART 1: HW essentials

Prior to diving into SW and BT stack and see what you can do with it, Productize will guide you through the essentials of the technology :

  • range 
  • power consumption 
  • type of antennas
  • mainstream chips 

Part of your resulting customer experience will be a balance between these so it will help to know what's at stake.

by Harold Grondel (Productize)

Harold Grondel is an entrepreneur.

One day he needed an agency to do a Bluetooth prototype to convince a BEL 20 company board launching a new product. He didn't find such an agency. He made the prototype, was successful with it, then launched the prototyping agency. Productize was born.

PART 2: Bluetooth low energy 

  • Overview Bluetooth Low Energy stack and capabilities. 
  • Real world examples using BLE.
  • Android development example using the TI Sensortag.

PART 3: iBeacon 

  • Technology overview
  • Use cases
  • iBeacon on Android
  • Interactive Demo (Bring your smartphone ;) )
by Frederick Bousson

Frederick is currently active as Competence Leader Mobile at Ordina.
He focusses on all the innovations on the Android and iOS platform. He has experience with a broad range of frameworks: Adobe Flex, Phonegap, native Android, native iOS.

Currently he is very interested in the integration between smartphones / tablets and other devices. He sees a very interesting future for the smartphone as life's remote control.

PART 4: Discussion & Networking


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