Conference – The Year All Breaks Loose - 2nd Edition

30/04/2015 08:30 to 30/04/2015 13:00

KU Leuven Department Elektrotechniek - ESAT
Heverlee, Belgium


The Internet of Things (IoT) is about devices that communicate with each other and with people through the network. The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to be an established part of life by extending the communication and networking anytime, anywhere. Current forecast of shipments of connected-home devices is set at a CAGR of 67%, to hit 1.8 billion annual shipments in 2019. The IoT is the next technology transition when devices will allow us to sense and control the physical world. It's also part of something even bigger. The Internet of Everything (IoE), the networked connection of people, process, data, and things. Its benefit is derived from the compound impact of these connections and the value it creates as "everything" comes online. The potential value is tremendous.

Much alike with other innovations, the community must evaluate Data Security and Privacy considerations, even more important in machine to machine (M2M) communication, which touches many aspects of human life. Some low-cost devices have a limited budget to implement strong security or cryptography features. These lightweight devices can become the weakest links in the system.

IoT 2015: Bringing together 2 Communities

This event brings together the Internet of Things - & Security Communities. It highlights the current & future evolution of the Internet of Things and evaluates real life examples and opportunities in the field of engineering. A set of cases and opportunities for different industrial perspectives, will be presented covering markets such as home & building automation & wearables, industrial & process automation, retail and energy; going from industrial applications to smart homes, considering the applications in terms of business use and time to market. It also examines the security & privacy risks that are associated with 'everything' coming online; and how the 2 communities can work together to support innovation while taking into account security, privacy and ethical considerations. The seminar ends with a panel discussion between respected members from both communities, that must work together in order to seize the opportunity, remain competitive while still applying high standards towards security & privacy.



The Internet of Things - an Embedded Perspective

By Prof. Dr. Ir. Ingrid Verbauwhede, Professor KU Leuven

Ingrid Verbauwhede is Professor at the KU Leuven, K.U.Leuven, at ESAT - SCD/ COSIC Electrical Engineering Department, and Adjunct Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department of UCLA. Ingrid Verbauwhede’s main interests include system and architecture design, VLSI design and design methodologies for real-time, low power embedded systems and especially embedded
security systems. She is especially interested in linking design for security with novel technologies and circuits. She has worked for several years in industry and still works closely with industry. She is the inventor or co-inventor of 7 patents with more pending.

Internet of Things or Internet of Trouble?

During this lecture Eddy Willems will give you his view on the world of the Internet of Things. He will give you an overview of security problems related to IoT. As an example Eddy will show you some problems related to his own smart home. However the problem doesn't stop at the home network but continues in the office network. What are the real threats for companies using IoT? Topics include malware on mobiles, tablets and future problems related to USB devices. Your view on the Internet of Things will never be the same after this lecture. After the presentation you will have the opportunity to ask any specific question about any aspect in security within an IoT world.

By Eddy Willems, Global Security Officer and secuity evangelist at G DATA

Eddy Willems (1962) is a renowned malware expert. He is a board member of AMTSO, EICAR and the resident Security Evangelist and Global Security Officer at G Data Software. He studied Computer Sciences at IHB and VUB and started working as a Systems Analyst in 1984. In 1989he first became interested in viruses. In 1991 he became a founding member of EICAR, one of Europe's first IT security organisations. Since 1995 Willems has been a participant in the Wildlist, the world's premier source of information on viruses in the wild. He's the author of the "Virus" article the Microsoft Encarta encyclopaedia. Since 1996, he is active as an anti-malware technology expert in the security industry and has been working for other security companies like Kaspersky Lab. In this role, he gives consultancies, presentations and seminars all over the world. Several CERTs, press agencies and publications use his advice regularly. He has been interviewed and cited in over 10.000 media articles (print, online and broadcast eg. CNN) worldwide. In October of 2013, he published his first book in Belgium and the Netherlands, titled 'Cyber danger' (Cybergevaar). 

IoT - Security Framework Recommendations

The ISO/IEC International Standard (IS 29180:2012), respectively the ITU-T Recommendation X.1311 describes security threats to Ubiquitous Sensor Networks (USN). Low cost and low power wireless communication technologies facilitate implementation of USNs, comprising three parts, i.e. a large number of sensor nodes and at least one base station (gateway) interfacing the USN to the application server which controls the USN nodes and collects sensed data from the nodes. A USN usually forms the infrastructure of advanced & smart grids, cities, houses, societies etc. which delivers Personal-based Data (cp. BDSG PBD) to anyone, at anytime and anywhere. Applications use context-awareness technologies by detecting, storing, processing and integrating situational and environmental data gathered from sensor nodes attached to anything. Thus there are many security and privacy threats during transferring and storing data in the USN.

By Jan deMeer, CEO of GmbH; adjunct professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and Brandenburg - Germany




By Filip Maertens, Founder & Chief Product Officer at Sentiance




The Internet of Everything driving exponential innovation

The presentation covers the overall potential of the Internet of Everything and dives into the value for the different verticals. The most important use case are reviewed in detail. Security and future trends are also covered.

By Willy Verplancke - Cisco Systems

About Willy Verplancke: Willy joined Cisco Systems in 1995 as a Consulting Engineer and is active within the Service Provider world for about 20 years. Before joining the SP team in the Belux organization as Business Development Manager in 2008 , he did lead a team with focus on Business Development and Architecture, in the Deutsche Telekom account team. In his presents role as BDM he has been involved in Smart Metering & Smart Grid projects in Flanders and has expanded his role to cover the broader IoT. During his career he has led various technical teams in Belgium, across EMEA and Europe. 


The Internet of Things can enable our economic growth, stimulate the competitiveness of the European ICT Market and create new employment opportunities in these presses economic times. How can the security community help to facilitate; and seize the opportunities that they bring, while still applying high standards towards security & privacy?

This panel discussion brings together key representatives from the IoT -, Privacy & Security Communities, to evaluate the current state of affairs, best practices and bottlenecks; and next steps and efforts from both communities to work more closely together.


KU Leuven Department Elektrotechniek - ESAT
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From 30/04/2015 08:30
To 30/04/2015 13:00


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