A Sustainable Internet of Things

24/06/2015 18:30 to 24/06/2015 22:00

Antwerp Management School


How can ‘Normalized Systems’ help to establish a sustainable business case for your endeavors in the IoT?

To go from connected products to interconnected services, the IoT will have to accommodate change. It is well known that, conditions of unprecedented change, complexity and integration are very challenging for building software systems, that will be at the core of IoT. This will influence any software based business case.

Prof. Herwig Mannaert  and Prof. Jan Verelst have established the Normalized Systems theory (NS). They have built, according to that theory, live software applications that exhibit evolvable modularity. This is the result of identifying fundamental principles and patterns for building evolvable software architectures. Indeed, the basic assumption of NS is that information systems should be designed to accommodate change.

Both professors will elaborate on how the NS theory can be of use to you, getting a grip on the evolvability of the IoT and therefore on your business case. There is of course room for discussion and debate. That way practice will meet rigor.


  • 18u30:   Welcome
  • 18u45:   Jan Verelst and Herwig Mannaert: “Linking Normalized Systems to sustainable business models for the IoT: software evolvability”
  • 19u45:   Debate
  • 20u15:   Beers and chips, offered by M², the IT alumni of the Antwerp Management School.
This Meetup is to be considered as a prologue to an elaborated Colloquium on the IoT, organized by the Antwerp Management School in October 2015. Both Meetup as the Colloquium are free of charge.


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From 24/06/2015 18:30
To 24/06/2015 22:00


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