Student team InMotion and Tele2 IoT sign unique cooperation.

By Tele2 IoT

08/08/2016 01:32:16

Odoo Members

Eindhoven (Netherlands), 12th of July 2016 - Automotive Technology InMotion announces that it will be working together with Tele2 IoT to develop a unique solution of extracting real-time data of the fully electric formula racer of InMotion, the KP&T IM/e. The data is not only available instantly to the engineers of InMotion, but also to the general public. During the first public demo of the KP&T IM/e racecar at the famous Dutch track, Circuit Park Zandvoort, during the Zandvoort Masters Weekend (19th, 20th, 21st of August 2016) an app will be available on both iOS and Android.

The Tele2 brand will appear on the KP&T IM/e next to InMotion partner ICT Group. The extraction of real-time data from the car will be a close cooperation between Tele2 IoT and InMotion partners’ ICT Group and tableaux mediamakers. Tele2 IoT will provide the infrastructure required to transport the data from the car to the cloud, whereas ICT Group will implement the software needed to process and display the data in the app, that has been designed by tableaux. Earlier this year Tele2 IoT and ICT Group already announced that they will be working together as mobile connectivity solution partners. Furthermore, the KP&T IM/e racecar will be present during Tele2's IoT Talk event the 29th of September 2016 in Utrecht.

Rami Avidan, General Manager at Tele2 IoT, states that: “Working with Automotive Technology InMotion on their challenge is fantastic! The goal they are pursuing is something unique and as Tele2 IoT we are happy to enable this. Challenge is one of the core values of Tele2 IoT and therefore this partnership fits us perfect, Tele2 IoT can be seen as the fasted Telco in IoT!“

Johan van Uden, Board Member at Automotive Technology InMotion, adds to the words of Tele2 IoT that: "Working together with Tele2 IoT as solution provider for our telemetry is a wonderful opportunity for InMotion. Tele2 IoT provides us with the right IoT solution in order to read-out all our important data at the track-side. Furthermore, it is incredible that we are enabled to get the car's data to the public in real-time, making them part of our mission!"